Eastern White Pines (Pinus Strobus) are perhaps the most versatile tree for human use. White pine needles infused in olive oil is an excellent meat marinade. Some shave the inner bark from the tree trunk and dry it to create pine flour. The sap from broken limbs is even used for glue in some parts of the world.


Pine Needle Tea is very popular around the world. Anyone can collect their own white pine needles and enjoy this delicious, nutritious infusion. Don’t have time or the resources? No problem. There are numerous sellers on Etsy that sell white pine needles. We harvest them right from our own trees and nearby forests in the Midwest.


We ship to all 50 U.S. states (sorry, we cannot ship internationally at this time). Get PINE GOODNESS – FIVE OUNCES of fresh pine needles for just $25. Shipping and handling is included. Please allow up to seven days for your order to ship. You will get tracking information via email once your order ships.


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